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Kayak Building Workshop

No longer available

The Inukshuk Inn

The InukshukInn

The Inukshuk Inn Restaurant

in Kugaaruk, Nunavut

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Kayak Building Workshop

No longer available

The kayak building workshop is an initiative to rekindle the kayak design skills known to the community elders. (see custom kayak building).

Kayaks in Kugaaruk would have traditionally been made of caribou skins and bones. No nails were used in the kayak construction. Caribou sinew was used to lash the kayak together.

You have the unique opportunity to work together with the elders on the actual design and construction of your own sea kayak. Kayaks are constructed of cedar and covered with marine nylon.

Click here to see a kayak being constructed.

Contact us about upcoming Kayak Building Workshops.

Traditional Kayak Construction

Community elders building a kayak

Kayak Frame

The kayak construction crew

Custom Made Kayak

Inside the kayak

Specialty Kayak Construction

Ready for kayaking

Custom Kayak Building

The elders bring their knowledge of customizing the design of a kayak to the needs of the kayaker. Kayaks are custom fit to the:

  • height
  • shape
  • experience levels

of the kayaker.

Click here to see kayak building in action.

If you can't make the trip to Kugaaruk, you can place an order for a kayak designed just for you.



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