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The Inukshuk Inn

The Inukshuk Inn


in Kugaaruk, Nunavut

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Arctic Tours

Kugaaruk is located in central Nunavut and is a starting point for many adventures. You can:

  • tour Pelly Bay in a sea kayak
  • watch harp seals in the bay
  • photograph polar bears
  • hike to inukshuks and historic Inuit camp sites
  • go Arctic bird watching
  • learn about the wild Arctic plants and flowers
  • experience the northern lights

Northern Lights - Aurora Borealis

The Northern Lights

Nature Photography

The Arctic is a photographer's dream

Sea Kayaking Near Ice Floe

Sea kayaking on Pelly Bay

A snow goose in flight

Inukshuk On The Tundra

An Inukshuk on the Arctic tundra

Arctic Bird Watching

No longer available

In the summer months the Arctic is home to numerous species of birds including:
  • trumpet swans
  • peregrine falcons
  • snow geese
  • rough-legged hawks


Arctic Hiking

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The Arctic tundra changes with the seasons. The summer finds a tundra covered with flowers and many varieties of lichen and moss. Hiking tours such as:

  • Arctic plant identification
  • visits to historic Inuit sites
  • Arctic tundra orienteering



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