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Kugaaruk- Inuit Art

The Inukshuk Inn

The Inukshuk Inn


in Kugaaruk, Nunavut

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Local Inuit Art

Kugaaruk resident Emily Illuitok with two of her carvings. Emily has been making ivory carvings for years and they are sold locally as well as in galleries in Toronto.


Agnes Iqqugaqtuq with one of her fabric wallhangings. Her characteristic designs are well recognized in Inuit galleries.Traditional Inuit Wallhanging

Bone & Ivory Carvings

Carving Workshop

The fine carvings of the artisans in Kugaaruk are a unique form of Inuit art. The Kugaaruk community supports a youth carving workshop teaching skills in:

  • caribou antler carving
  • whalebone carving
  • ivory carving
  • muskox antler carving
  • caribou bone carving
  • walrus tusk carving
  • narwhal tusk carving

to maintain the artistic traditions of this Arctic region.

Visits to watch the local inuit artists creating their art can be arranged.





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